Switch Day, Part 2!

Today’s another great one here at CTT, under the Greeley sky. This morning started with our 9th graders heading out on their Delaware River canoe trip, and it was a perfect mountain day for it. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than it’s been today at camp: mid seventies, sunny, breezy – glorious!

And after a morning of regular activities, the junior and intermediate boys from Lake Owego Camp for boys came to participate in choice activities, and our senior and hi-senior campers headed over to Lake Owego for some switch day fun! So now all campers have had the opportunity to play at LOC, and all LOC campers have had the opportunity to play here at CTT! We love a good switch day, a hallmark of second session here in Greeley, PA!

Tonight, after a busy day of fun in the sun, our youngest campers have a cookie bake and movie night to unwind, and our intermediates, seniors and hi-seniors have a pool party with the Lake Owego boys! The intermediates will all be together here at CTT, and the seniors and hi-seniors will be at Lake Owego!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re making every moment count!


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