TGIF! Greeley Games & More!

Fancy meeting you here, friends and neighbors! It’s been another great day down the winding road, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We haven’t had the chance to highlight it yet, but do you know that we’ve already held auditions for the second session play? We sure have! CAMP ROCK 2 will be performed live at the Timber Theater in August, and we’re so excited we could burst. We had over 90 people audition! It’s bound to be camp rockin’ indeed.

This morning, after an awesome night of Timber Madness, we put our athletic prowess to the test! Another round of Greeley Games were in full swing bright and early this morning with U11 softball, U11 basketball, U13 volleyball, and u13 softball at Pine Forest and U15 soccer and U15 volleyball here at CTT! We killed it!

Mountain biking looked extra awesome today as did Arts & Crafts. Would you believe that the 9th graders are full steam ahead planning and creating decor for the banquet? Though still almost three weeks away, our 9th graders pick a theme and totally transform the dining hall on the second to last night of camp. Though all of us love and look forward to banquet (seriously – it’s spectacular), the night is really a celebration of our CAs each year, and this year’s CAs really are extraordinary. Definitely best-ever-banquet worthy.

Other big news out of Greeley is tonight’s big social for 7th through 11th graders. The theme? Rock stars and rocks. Yup, you heard that right. Some folks are dressed as rock stars, some are in rock t-shirts, and some, well, are dressed as rocks… We told you things get wacky over here! We like to keep you on your toes at home, folks!

Tonight Juniors will hang out – in the trees that is! It’s ADVENTURE CHALLENGE, a CTT classic. Make sure to check out our second session bunk photo albums! You won’t want to miss these smiley camp faces.

That’s all for now, friends! Over and out from Greeley!

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