The First FULL Day!

Why, hello friends and followers! Fancy meeting you back here. And thanks for tuning back in to today’s blog as we highlight the OFFICIAL first FULL day of camp!

As a quick media refresher, we’ll post CampMinder photos everyday between 4-5PMish, and if you download the Campanion App, you should be able to upload a photo of your camper and have all tagged photos pushed directly to your phone for your easy viewing pleasure. Isn’t technology wild? Wowee! Speaking of which, we also post on Facebook and Instagram 2ish times per day (it’s the same post, so you do NOT have to check both places). Every week we’ll post a home grown weekly video, too. We will NOT post Facebook or Instagram stories; the goal is to give you a reasonable window into camp life while keeping the magic of camp, well, campy! When we post the blog each day (usually in the late afternoon), we’ll post a link on Facebook. With the exception of a wild and crazy happening or Olympic breakout, that will be our last social media post of the day. No need to refresh refresh refresh! Relax! It’s SUMMER, BABY! Speaking of which, we hope you saw our announcement that the song of the summer was revealed at the staff show last night: “It’s Summer Baby” by Pink to the tune of “Trustfall.” If you haven’t already, you can download the song here!

This morning we enjoyed our first lineup learning the song and dance, and we’ll all be singing and dancing our song at lineup like pros in no time. After lineup, we enjoyed a delightful breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bagels, homemade gravlax and all the fixings, and then we enjoyed our first bunk cleanup! Following cleanup, the seniors headed out for their chosen activities, and juniors participated in their first junior choice! This morning at junior choice (and most mornings at junior choice), campers chose nature, wibit play at the lake, jogging, mountain biking, cooking, field hockey, soccer, swim team, tennis, dance, adventure, archery and so much more! There was also an option for ukulele lessons in music and improv games in drama! This afternoon, the juniors enjoyed another choice activity (they get two choice periods a day, and other activities rotate through a schedule with the bunk!), but THIS time, those who wished to participate tried out for the camp play! This year the camp play first session is… TEEN BEACH MOVIE! Surf’s up! Cowabunga! Groovy!

How could we forget to mention that the best part of the day was an unexpected FULL DAY OF SUNSHINE! Though the forecast didn’t predict it, there sure is magic in these mountains! We can’t tell you how great it was to see the ropes course, arts & crafts, the lake, the pool, the courts and the fields all in action. We’re back! And campers and counselors are just so happy. We truly can’t remember this much first-full-day-of-camp energy and this many completely comfortable, smily, happy first-year campers! It’s like we’ve always been right here in Greeley down the winding road. We’re HOME! Finally!

Oh! We almost forgot! There’s one thing that trumps just about everything else going on at Camp Timber Tops today, and that is…BIG SISTER/LITTLE SISTER ASSIGNMENTS! Today, big sisters (those who’ve been to camp before) were assigned little sisters (first-time campers)! We’ll explain more tomorrow, but for now, here’s a photo of what big-sister-secret-admirer-gift-giving shenanigans looked like down the winding road today. We’ll leave you with that!

P.S. Tonight it’s junior Adventure Challenge and senior bonding activities for evening program! Evening program photos will be posted with the following day photos, so look out for those tomorrow. Over and out!


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