The First FULL Day of CAMP!

Hello, Parents, Friends and Followers! 

It’s a beautiful day in downtown Greeley! We started the day fully energized from last night’s particularly awesome staff show. And though we may or may not have been wearing our brightest and fuzziest pajamas from last night’s first sleep (okay we were!), we danced with gusto and sang our hearts out while learning the moves for this year’s song of the summer: THIS IS ME! (We emailed you today with the file to download!) It’s really amazing how well our new campers are acclimating. They slept well, they walked arm-in-arm to breakfast, and they’re smiling with confidence and ease. Oh, and many new campers told us that in addition to trying new activities today, they made their beds for the first time ever this morning during cleanup! (They were unusually excited about this accomplishment!) We’re here to tell you that dreams really do come true, moms and dads! 

Our first breakfast was delicious: scrambled eggs, bagels, lox, lox spread, all the fixins and, of course, our usual spread: cold cereal, oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and fruit options. Lunch today was a fast favorite: chicken tenders, grilled chicken, more sauces than we can name, curly fries, egg salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, broccoli slaw and regular salad bar options, too. Every day we do serve plain pasta at lunch and dinner as well as soy nut butter sandwiches to those who would prefer. In short, there’s a lot to choose from! Tonight’s dinner is a pasta bar: tortellini, ziti, penne, and more with different sauces and roasted summer vegetables, caprese salad, Cesar salad, salad bar, garlic bread and brownies for dessert. YUM! Oh, and by the way, snack is delivered to the girls at 4PM daily. There’s also always fresh fruit in the dining hall, no matter the time of day! So fear not: we are definitely not hungry at camp! We’re hydrating at hydration stations and applying sunscreen at sunscreen stations. And it’s a good thing, because it was truly a sunny, gorgeous Pocono Mountains day. Perfection. 

Seniors began following their newly chosen, individualized schedules, and Juniors participated in choice for the first time today! After hearing from specialists describing all the fun options of the day, our 2nd-6th graders choose their own adventure. This happens twice a day, and it’s a highlight of life in junior village! Both during choice and with their bunks, juniors swam, they boated, they played yoga games, they rocked the new lake inflatables, made shortbread, learned hip hop, practiced tennis drills, began their “camp wrists” (bracelets), tried out archery, danced to 90s jams during Zumba, worked on skills in gymnastics, dribbled and pitched and served and scored and continued team building activities. Our 11th graders began their leadership training, since Friday they’ll be leaving us to do some work (and have some fun) in Costa Rica. More on that later in the week. Waterskiing boats went out, private tennis lessons began, horseback riders made their way to the ranch, and we took bunk photos! Photos of the day and junior and senior bunks will be posted tonight (hi-seniors tomorrow), so stay tuned! In short, it was pretty much the perfect day here in Greeley. 

Tonight? Seniors will be participating in team-building scavenger hunts and games, and juniors will be heading towards the ropes course for ADVENTURE CHALLENGE! And we’ll be practicing our lineup dance, of course!

Life is good at CTT. Tune in tomorrow for more Timber Talk!

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