The First FULL Day!

Howdy, folks! It’s another BEAUTIFUL day in downtown Greeley, Pennsylvania! We’re enjoying this first FULL day of camp with regular programs and activities off to a great start. Seniors chose their schedules for the week yesterday, and Juniors began moving around with their bunks with two periods of choice per day. Today, some particularly exciting happenings included tryouts for Shrek: The Musical (spoiler alert: everyone makes the play), mountain biking down Lily Lane, our Jr. Lifeguarding course beginnings, the high zip line in action, Aerobics with Mike (a CTT favorite), and fun on our lake inflatables. 

But there’s one thing that trumps just about everything else going on at Camp Timber Tops today, and that is…BIG SISTER/LITTLE SISTER ASSIGNMENTS! Today, big sisters (those who’ve been to camp before) were assigned little sisters (first-time campers)! 

During the first few days of camps, big sisters leave their little sisters small gifts, notes, and tokens. For example, your big sister might make your bed for you while you’re at breakfast! Your big sister might hide a bedtime note under your pillow before evening program! Your big sister could have her friends deliver a friendship bracelet to you at lunch! It’s so much fun to give and receive these anonymous gifts in the first few days of camp, and it’s even more fun to have big sisters reveal their identities at the Big/Little campfire which happens this Tuesday night. More on that soon!

For now, here’s a photo of what big-sister-secret-admirer-gift-giving shenanigans look like down the winding road today. Hey, we told you you’d need those masks! Can you identify these big sisters? Shhh! 

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