The Way Mondays Should All Be!

It’s been another gorgeous, picture-perfect day down the winding road at Camp Timber Tops!

The day started with a bang, and by “bang” we mean waffles and warm syrup! Yum! Grove breakfast at Hattie B’s BBQ started today as well.  Think hot chocolate with whipped cream, made-to-order breakfast sandwiches,  fruit and yogurt parfaits and more, all under the pine grove beside Adventure. Each bunk gets their turn! Oh, and we have a wood-burning pizza oven too, so that’s a special once-in-a-blue-moon bunk treat as well. It’s so much fun pulling bunks from the dining hall for a spontaneous pizza party! Lunch was turkey tacos (hard and soft shelled!), and dinner is Chinese food! Yum! Don’t worry, parents, there are too many options to name at each meal, and there’s truly something for everyone. We also have fresh fruit out in the dining hall all day every day, so campers know they’re welcome to (with their counselor!) stop by anytime!

The big talk of the town at camp today is our new athletic shirts, presented over afternoon canteen! Each camper gets one to wear when playing sports against other camps (or just to wear around camp!), and they’re purple and lime this year. Cool! In other athletics news, flag football was the place to be on the upper field, yoga looked particularly peaceful on the deck overlooking the lake, and our soccer clinics were as fun and rigorous as any soccer clinics you’ll find anywhere. Oh! And advanced and beginner joggers started our camp running log! 8th graders picked their Cabaret theme (it’s a secret!), Lake Selma paddle boarder yogis sparkled in the sun, junior choice kayakers looked awesome out there, and outdoor cooking made “apple extravaganzas” which smelled so delicious the whole camp was stopping by for a try. More impressively, each fire at outdoor rec was started by our campers!  Your Timber Tops girl will come home knowing how to start a fire!

Tonight? Low Juniors head to “Guess Your Best” which is an evening program where you, wait for it, GUESS YOUR BEST at the challenge presented in each round!  And Hi-Juniors are playing “PANIC.” Basically it’s the best evening program EVER, but the pictures are worth a thousand words, so we’ll let you see (via CampMinder photos tomorrow) for yourself. Which bunk will win best dressed as Thanksgiving dinner?! Only time will tell! And seniors? “Against All Odds!” What’s that, you ask? In truth, this blogger isn’t quite sure, so let’s find out together, shall we? Part of what makes camp fun is often that element of surprise!

In short, it was another extraordinary, spectacular day.

Tune in tomorrow, friends, and have a great night!

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