Timber Idol, Top Cooks, Greeley Games & So Much More!

It may be Sunday, but we’re busy as ever here at camp! And it may be the first day of August, but we have no intention of slowing down. We’re just getting to the good stuff!

Last night was Timber Tops Idol! A camper was selected from every age group to participate, and there were a few additional wild card acts. One of our “wild cards,” Maddie K., won Timber Idol with an original song she sang and played on her guitar. Maddie became a singer/songwriter during the pandemic, and we were so amazed by her last night. She was among SO MANY talented, extraordinary performers participating in Timber Tops Idol. Congratulations to each of them!

And today started off with the Polar Bear Club! Self-selected polar bears woke up at dawn to jump into the lake, sing three songs, and hop out for their reward of hot chocolate, cookies, bragging rights, and a CTT Polar Bear Club t-shirt! Sounds good to us! A Top Cooks class today made homemade soft pretzels complete with different sauces and toppings – YUM, and the big news is that the Greeley Games are back!

Today’s Greeley Games competition against Pine Forest Camp for Boys and Girls and Lake Owego Camp for Boys include: soccer, basketball, flag football, lacrosse, a swim meet, tennis and archery! Like we said, we’re busy here in Greeley!

And tonight we’ll be even busier with a CTT favorite evening program: ESCAPE FROM CTT! In “Escape,” as its nicknamed, campers are placed in pairs (one junior camper and one senior camper in each group) and must complete a list of activities around camp (think shooting a basketball, kayaking around a buoy in the lake, doing forward rolls in gymnastics, etc.). The first 10 pairs to complete their checklist “ESCAPE” for ice cream! (This year, the ice cream will come to them! In the counselor tent! WOW! No kids are EVER allowed in there!) But wait- there’s a catch. While your happy campers are scampering around camp trying to “Escape from CTT,” there are “powder puffs” (counselors stationed around camp trying to whack kids with a sock filled of corn starch) trying to freeze kids who can only be unfrozen by “hydro helpers,” (counselors who squirt frozen campers with water toys)! It’s complicated, and this blogger isn’t doing it justice, but here’s the gist: it’s going to be an AWESOME night at Timber Tops.

Oh, and when it’s all over, the CAs will be boogying down at a SILENT DISCO! The fun never stops!

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