Timber Madness!

Timber Madness! Last summer, a new tradition at camp was born… TIMBER MADNESS! Think March Madness meets Timber Tops lineup enthusiasm meets… Well, it’s one of those things you have to see to believe. The whole camp is eating dinner together to get up to the basketball court early enough to get it all in! We’ll introduce our teams with our signature CTT pizazz, we’ll enjoy a special canteen, we’ll dance, we’ll play, we’ll compete, we’ll dress in red and white, and we’ll have another GREAT night of sportsmanship and fun in Greeley! Here’s a photo from last year! 

Today was another great one at camp! We enjoyed a late sleep and overcast skies (but no rain!) for regular programming today, and the grilled cheese with tomato soup at lunch really hit the spot- shout-out to the provolone and tomato option! We also hosted two American Camp Association visitors who come to reaccredit camps every 5 years. Good news! We’ve passed once again with a perfect score!

It’s been another great day with another great night ahead. And though it may be August, we’re not slowing down that’s for sure. The best is yet to come!

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