Sincere apologies for what’s been a GREAT few days of camp but a BAD few days of internet service here in the Pocono Mountains! We think we’re on a better path, and we’re sorry about the night night posts! 

Today was another great day at camp filled with an assortment of veggie and cheese frittatas for breakfast, chicken tenders and curly fries for lunch, and Chinese food for dinner! At camp that’s what we call a great food day. 

We started the morning off with our final polar bear club swim of the summer – say it ain’t so! Those who earned their t-shirts received and wore them proudly. And they couldn’t have been given out at a better time, since today we donned our red and white for TIMBER TOPS TUESDAY! With only one more #TimberTopsTuesday left of the summer after today, we went all out! 

Today we also celebrated cleanest bunks of the week with special parties and, most importantly, practiced for senior lip sync! Expectations were high and senior campers did NOT disappoint! They were ah-may-zing. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Stay tuned for those videos coming tomorrow to a YouTube channel near you! 

And lest you think evening program was the final happening of an already action-packed day, a FAKE OUT ended our evening! CAs planned and orchestrated an awesome fake Pioneer Day breakout … They really had us for a minute! When will Pioneer Days, our three days of fun and excitement and competition, begin? Only time will tell! 

Lots to come at CTT, folks! You better sleep with your sneakers next to your bed!

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