Howdy, Friends and Neighbors!

Happy Timber Tops Tuesday! Do you know that during the year, many of our older campers use Tuesdays on social media as an opportunity to post camp photos? That’s right. Check out #TimberTopsTuesday, and you’ll see for yourself! But do you know what’s way better than #TimberTopsTuesday? IN PERSON TIMBER TOPS TUESDAY! Our first Timber Tops Tuesday of the summer has been a great one!

Let’s first rewind a moment for a quick recap of last night. Did you know that yesterday was National Pudding Day? Well, we didn’t, but our kitchen sure did! And we enjoyed a delightful pudding dessert! After dinner, Anna’s book club met for the first time and read the first chapter of “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” together. We’ll meet next week and talk about the first 50 pages!

Today we saw moments of sprinkles and moments of awesome sunshine, but we’re feeling great and carrying on with camp as usual! Creek stomping and fishing here at camp were highlights for juniors today. And interested 8th and 9th graders headed out on a coed trip with Lake Owego to the Delaware River! Activities are in full swing! We even gave out athletic shirts today in preparation for our inter-camp camp games beginning Friday, and we sorted laundry! Our first laundry sort! Woweee! Things are movin’ and shakin’ in Greeley!

Tonight, it’s the big moment we’ve been waiting for: the BIG/LITTLE SISTER CAMPFIRE! The big/little sister Timber Tops tradition is one of our greatest, and we’re so excited. Here’s what to expect:

First-time campers, regardless of age, are given a big sister. Campers who have been to CTT before are given a little sisters. Big sisters have been leaving notes and tokens and hints for their little sisters for the past few days…

And that brings us to tonight! While little sisters wait around the campfire, big sisters are given candles and slowly make their way towards littles singing “make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” Big sisters find their little sisters, together they make a wish for the summer, and then they blow out their candle! Tonight, they’ll sit together at the campfire and get to know each other while singing some traditional CTT campfire songs. Our first campfire of the summer! We are so excited we could burst!

These little sisters pictured (and so many others) are counting down the moments to tonight’s evening activity. Make sure to check out our online photos in your CampMinder account tomorrow for highlights from the night!

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