Torreya Turns Inside Out

Tonight’s top-secret Banquet theme, brought to us by the 9th graders was… Torreya Turns Inside Out!

Our 9th graders have spent the past number of weeks planning, organizing, and putting together tonight’s banquet which honors the CAs for their leadership this summer. It’s a Timber Tops tradition that we look forward to all summer and take very seriously- from Oaklings to CAs! The entire camp ate breakfast and lunch in the grove to give our 9th graders ample time to prepare in private, and they surpassed all expectations! You would not believe the way our 9th graders transform the dining hall each year, and it’s hard to put into words just how awesome it really is. This is the moment, too, to extend a heartfelt thanks to Ali, head of Arts & Crafts, and Cate, Assistant Head. They are at the helm of so much that happens at camp, and banquet is just the cherry on top of what has been a crafty, fabulous summer under their leadership.

“Torrera Turns Inside Out” is just the absolute most beautiful theme in recent memory. Our 9th graders have made shirts for the CAs with the theme on the front and “Take her to Greeley for me,” a play on a line from the movie, on the back. The movie focuses on forming “core memories.” There are colorful water beads all over the dining hall as center pieces, and there are colorful balloons overhead. Each colorful orb portrays a different emotion in the film, all of which make up core memories we carry with us. In “Inside Out,” the main character’s emotions — led by Joy — guide her through a difficult, life-changing event (a big family move). As this bittersweet moment of banquet arrives, as we prepare to leave camp, we’ll lead with joy, too! Despite mixed emotions, we have had THE best summer, and we’re grateful for every friendship, every day, every core memory here at camp.

It’s our tradition for CAs to get dressed up for banquet while the rest of camp dons their officials. Torreya is officially presented one by one,  thanked, presented with awards, and made to feel like the stars of the show. And they really are and have been all summer. Thank you, Torreya, for a summer filled with love for camp and each other. You really did become one, and we are awed by the maturity, gratitude and grace you showed all summer.

After awards are presented at banquet, we have another tradition. Counselors who grew up as campers at CTT serenade the whole camp with a special song to the tune of “Uncle John’s Band.” The lyrics include “When you leave Timber Tops, friends will still remain. People grow, each year will pass, but the memories never change…” We also recognize a new counselor who feels like she’s been here all along! Our “most sucked in” award is coveted, and its shirt (the prize!) is passed on from year to year when its recipient comes back to camp as a returning counselor and passes it on. That’s right, they’ve gotta come back! 🙂 Congrats, Lauren Creed! We could swear you’ve been here since you were an Oakling!

At the end of the banquet, the 9th graders thank Torreya and then, after much anticipation, come together as one to introduce their CA name and CA song for next summer. It’s really an emotional, moving moment every year, and this year was no different. And the CAs next summer are…

Koa 2024!
Song: “Your Love is My Home” by The Light The Heat

In addition to a big CTT/9th grade (now known as “Koa”)/Torreya love fest, the night was filled with especially delicious appetizers, dinner and desserts. It was like being at a wedding! It’s called Banquet for a reason. Really, ask your camper all about it!

An extraordinary night for extraordinary people in this extraordinary place. There’s a little extra magic in the air tonight at Camp Timber Tops, even though chants of “we’re not leaving” echo through the trees. It’s a bittersweet but awesome moment in the life of every summer, and this summer is no different. Core memories, indeed.

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