Virtual Visiting! Jellybean Campfire, Week Four Video!

It’s been a sunny, warm, wonderful day here in Greeley! Today hit 91 today, the warmest it’s been this summer, but we’re staying hydrated, swimming, boating, and making sure to take rests in the shade and in the air conditioned dining hall. Tomorrow we expect some rain, and the following days look much cooler. We’ll take it! 

Last night, full season campers began their Virtual Visiting Day phone calls! It’s so good to see you, parents, even virtually! And we have plenty of special treats here to make the day special. We woke up to Krispy Kremes today! And did you know that after you virtually visit with your camper she gets a delicious chipwich? The truth is, we’ve hardly seen a tear. We’re busy! And after our call we jump right back into the swing of things. 

In addition to regular activities today,  we’re also in the midst of Jellybeans (and Big/Lil Sisters for new campers who just arrived). New campers are all given big sisters, CAs (10th graders) who leave little sisters notes and treats and become a special, older camp friend and guide. CAs love having little sisters! But what about the rest of us?! Fear not, because we’re all in this together in a special secret-admirer-type buddy program called Jellybeans! Every single camper in camp received a Jelly Bean. In other words, you are both a Jelly Bean, and you’re someone else’s Jelly Bean! A Jelly Bean is a special friend who, in the second half of the summer, leaves little anonymous notes and homemade gifts and trinkets for her Jellybean to make her feel valued and loved and integral to our CTT community. We’ll all meet our Jellybeans at tonight’s Jellybean campfire on the shores of Lake Selma! Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!

We’ve been excited all day for tonight’s Jellybean campfire, and it’s going to be awesome! Imagine jellybeans for everyone, the entire camp connecting in one big chain, each jellybean to each other. Ask your camper about the Jellybean campfire. It’s sure to be a hit!

And here it is…. THE WEEK FOUR VIDEO! Enjoy! 

Don’t worry about us, Mom and Dad! We’re having the time of our lives, though we know it isn’t too hard to tell!

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