Wacky Wednesday at CTT!

Today was an action-packed day at Timber Tops! It started the best possible way: late sleep! Campers woke to our CAs (oldest campers) running into bunks, dressed in orange, and telling our campers that they were to wear their wackiest or most orange outfits to lineup. And would you believe it? The rest of the camp agreed. Our first WACKY WEDNESDAY of the summer, ORANGE EXPLOSION! What a success!

And with the orange, out came the sun. It was a beautiful, 75 degree day in Greeley, and campers were able to enjoy a normal schedule of activities. YES! A special highlight included our 8th graders learning about their Survivor teams for the summer! What’s survivor? Well, our 8th graders participate in a special grade-wide, summer-long Survivor competition. Which 8th grade bunk will survive? Only time will tell.

In other news, ur wacky CAs visited both junior and senior bunks at rest. Clad in orange, they taught songs and cheers, told camp stories, and got the girls excited for tonight’s SENIOR LIP SYNC! Tonight, our senior campers will perform for the camp, and WE CANNOT WAIT!

Another great day down the winding road, Mom and Dad! Love from Greeley!

PS- Check out today’s photos for senior bunk pics!



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