Wednesday, August 3rd 2022

Howdy Folks! 

It’s been a gorgeous day down the winding road. Hi-Seniors went to Costa’s Family Fun Park for ice cream, mini golf, waterslides and bumper boats, and regular activities kept the rest of us busy all day. We’re savoring each and every day and activity – there are so few regular days left! We know, we know! Say it ain’t so! Special happenings outside of the norm today included private tennis, gymnastics and dance lessons, delightful blueberry cobbler making (with blueberries our Top Cooks picked at a blueberry farm yesterday), and play practice! Have we said that the second session show is Beauty and the Beast? If not, the second session show is Beauty and the Beast! We are so excited!

There’s so much to accomplish in the coming days including horse shows and dance shows and gymnastics shows and Banquet and Pioneer Days… We’ve got a lot of living to do! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Tonight, it’s Miss CTT, starring our counselors, down at the Timber Theater! Grab your popcorn, because this is one you won’t want to miss!


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