Weekend Edition! CTT in Action!

Welcome back, folks, and apologies for the interruption in our blogging. We’ve remedied the issue, and we’re back up and ready to roll. And it’s a good thing, because we have so many exciting moments ahead which we’ll want to share!

When we left you on Friday evening, we were headed to our Friday night campfire. Well, as you may have seen on Facebook, a special treat was a song led by Dr. Leigh, our camp doctor for the past two weeks! Leigh grew up at camp, and her daughter is a camper now. We loved hearing from her and having her teach us a song from “back in the day.” Thanks, Dr. Leigh!

But wait, dare we say that wasn’t even the best part of the night (sorry, Leigh!), nor was Bernadette’s most recent diary entry read at the campfire (ask your camper about Bernadette). The CAs had planned not one but TWO FAKEOUTS on the way back from the campfire. The first, shoe-themed was pretty good, but the second, Flowers from Around the World, up at the pool, was so awesome it could have been real! Since Friday night we’ve been walking on egg shells. When will the real thing happen?! When will Olympics break out?! Chants of “WE WANT, WE WANT OLYMPICS!” are echoing through the trees. They’re the first chants we sing in the morning and the last we shout at night. WE. CANNOT. WAIT! It’s gotta be any minute!

This weekend we also welcomed our first group of overnight Explorers to CTT! These amazing campers were among our best group ever, and we so hope they all officially become Timber Tops girls next summer! Hey, if you have a friend thinking about camp, send her our way for a trial-run of camp! Our Explorers and Play Days are a great way to get to know CTT. Here’s more information.

Aside from the Friday night campfire and welcoming Explorers, there were a few other “best of” weekend events worth mentioning while we’ve got your attention. Last night our Hi-Seniors headed over to Pine Forest, our sister camp, for a 15 and Under basketball night game. You would not believe the spirit and sportsmanship in the air. Though we didn’t end up winning, it was truly an awesome night of sports, friendly competition, and, of course, lots of CTT cheering. Special shout-out to Leah D., an 8th grader (not even a hi-senior), who played against PFC with all her might. She is unbelievable! AMAZING! MVP!

Speaking of 8th graders, today, Sunday, is the highly-anticipated Cabaret, planned and executed by our awesome group of 8th graders. In preparation for their real stint as 9th grade banquet-planners (more on that later in the summer), our 8th graders secretly pick a theme, create decorations, work on a menu, organize costumes, hold auditions and then ultimately set up for a highlight of the summer: CABARET! Tonight’s the night! We can’t tell you the theme quite yet, but let’s just say it could be the best ever. Stay tuned for those pictures tomorrow! Another highlight of the day today? Bagels and lox, eggs and potatoes, fruit salad and cinnamon buns for breakfast!

Oh, we had brother/sister visitation today, parents; we love seeing our siblings (and we know you love it too)!

That’s all for the weekend edition of Timber Talk, friends. It was a great weekend with even greater things ahead. Onward and upward!

PS- In welcoming our first group of Explorers, we’ve opened registrations for SUMMER 2018! We’ll send you more info tomorrow by email, but save $670 off the regular fee by enrolling at our most discounted rate before Visiting Day (fully refundable through 2/1/18)! Last summer we were full in many age groups before camp ended, so save your spot! Enroll now!

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