Wild Wild West (and other Wild Happenings at CTT)!

Hi friends and followers!

Apologies for the late post as we’re experiencing some blog technical difficulties. But fear not! Though virtual things are wonky today, all things at camp in *real* time are fabulous! So fabulous, in fact, that our bubble within a bubble all tested negative for Covid (for the third time), and we’re one big bubble! Woohoo!

Today’s highlights of the day included a late sleep, yummy cinnamon buns for breakfast, LOTS of practice for Junior Lip Sync which happens tomorrow night, and our CAs beginning their TIMBER TREK! That’s right, our oldest campers interested headed out on a canoe trip down the Mighty Delaware this morning. They’re totally independent — cooking and camping and living off the land (okay, the living off the land thing is an exaggeration, but they *are*roughing it). They’ll be back tomorrow night! We’re so proud!

Tonight for evening program we played Wild Wild West! There have been Most Wanted posters plastered all around camp of all of our staff, and tonight, it’s a counselor hunt! Led by our 10th graders, scampers will have to find the counselors and bring them to jail for a reward! The fun never stops here in Greeley!

Stay tuned for more wiiiild happenings tomorrow!


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